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7 steps to implement a coaching culture in your organization

Coaching in the organization is slowly becoming an integral part of the development of an individual and the entire organization. Altogether, more and more presidents, directors and managers decide on coaching processes to accelerate their development. And also, increase their effectiveness and achieve their intended goals more effectively. Coaching supports the development of leadership in … Continued

OKR - Objective & Key Results

OKR method – what is it and how is it used? Goals and key results: 5 rules for effective planning and achieving goals in teams and organizations

“The OKR model helped us achieve tenfold growth and then repeat this feat many times over.” – Larry Page, founder of Google (page 13 “How Google, Bono and Gates Are Rocking the World with the OKR Method” – John Doer) As an entrepreneur, you probably know various classic company management and objective management systems, including … Continued

Why do you need a coach?

The world is changing faster and faster and becoming more competitive. Have you noticed that changes are gaining momentum both at your workplace, in your company, in your industry, as well as at your competitors and suppliers? New products and innovations in marketing, sales, team management or project management appear every day. These everyday challenges … Continued

Are you fed up with the continuous implementation of LEAN? Go Teal!

Hardly anyone remembers now, that the beginnings of the emergence of a modern method of management in factories – Lean Management and Lean Manufacturing – can be seen to have taken fruits as early as 1947 in Japan by William Edwards Deming and you can find his lectures, as early as the 1950s for Japanese engineers during that time. Is LEAN the most modern management method?

Managers are human too – why to implement coaching organizational culture in the company

I let out a deep breath slowly and sank deeper into the armchair. I let its shape take over some of the tension that I shared with the client next to me due to my empathy. – What did you think then? – I asked calmly. With her absent eyes, she looked at an undefinable point behind me. She breathed quickly and shallow, her clearly clenched jaws moved slightly as if she had to bite and crush every word that she put out.

What’s Coaching? Search for the definition

Finding one just one definition for coaching seems like a difficult task. Many institutions that associate or train coaches use their own definitions of coaching, which often differ significantly. In addition, many activities that are not part of coaching are labeled that way. Training, workshops, conferences, motivational speeches or management methods may contain elements of coaching, although they have different purposes.

What is mentoring?

According to Deniss Moberg and Manuel Velasquez, a mentor should fulfill three basic roles, being a supportive helper in the client’s development, a teacher who manages the process of acquiring knowledge and a model to follow, sharing with the mentor a person’s own life wisdom and experience. What does it look in practice?

Sea you there, or see you not

When you get on a yacht, you must leave all your masks ashore. That’s how it is and how it works. The sea requires sincerity. She doesn’t tolerate posers. She is strict but a fair teacher. The sea shows you who you really are, these are not always easy lessons, but believe me that they are memorable ones. Instead, she rewards you with greater self-awareness and a stronger character for humbleness and perseverance. She makes a man out of a boy – people used to say.

Coaching vs. Mentoring: key differences

Coaching and mentoring are methods used in business to support personal development, which are based on relationships with partners, honesty and trust. The main difference between them is that the mentors are experts in a given field and have the opportunity to give advice, while the coach does not have to be an expert in a given field, and avoids advice. What are the other differences to look out for?

7 reasons why you should hire an PerfectCircle

Specialists from ecoCoach are advisers/partners in designing a better life for you and your partners involved in building new concepts to help you reach your dreams and visions no matter how small or big. EcoCoach specializes in focusing on effective implementation of strategies that have been proven to work or your own strategies. ecoCoach provides high standards for coaching, which guarantees quality and effectiveness.

Marek Wzorek guest interview at (

On March 20, 2018, “On Teal Organizations with a Practitioner – An Interview with Marek Wzorek” appeared on Przemek Karczewski’s blog. Marek Wzorek is, among others, a co-founder and CEO of PerfectCircle, an executive and business coach, lecturer and public speaker. He helps organizations grow, develop leadership and transform them into teal organizations. After more … Continued