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Our speciality is effectively moving people and organisations to higher levels of development. So don’t wait, take that first step now, and begin the process of growing and developing your team and your company. Check out our services, choose the best solution for you, and let us know.


At the core of our work is concern for others. Our goal is to meet your expectations and improve your business operations, boost your effectiveness, reduce stress, enhance your creativity, and increase your leadership competence as well as the impact you have on the world.

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Your organisation can work differently and grow exponentially. You can create a teal organisation or consciously build an innovative organisational culture. We have proven solutions to achieve that: the process From Hierarchy to Teal™ and the implementation of Dynamic Self- Management™. Let us analyse your current situation. Based on our assessment, we will develop a plan for change and set it in motion.

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ACADEMY PerfectCircle®️

Join the PerfectCircle Academy — Poland’s first Academy of Business Coaching and Executive Coaching. Build your own business and launch a successful career as a business coach. Develop your competence in leadership and coaching. Earn more by helping companies and leaders.



In our training courses, you will learn how teal organisations work and why the Leadership Academy is so effective. We will teach you the OKR method and run workshops for Management Boards and Managers. In addition, we will make you an expert in business strategy and the coaching management style.

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Want to be more effective in business? Try our consulting and advisory services. We will take you through the full process of implementing the OKR method (Objective Key Results), show you how self-management and teal organisations work, teach you to create and update business strategies, and much more.

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