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Zapraszamy Cię do pierwszej w Polsce Akademii Coachingu Biznesowego i Executive Coachingu oraz zgranej społeczności trenerów, przedsiębiorców i mentorów #PerfectCircleCommunity.

Wprowadź swoją karierę na kolejny poziom oraz zapewnij sobie długofalowy rozwój, Dołącz do najbliższej grupy.


Our Academy is the first coaching school in Poland with this specialisation. Here, you’ll effectively and quickly learn how to be a good business coach, and what’s more, you’ll be given the tools to grow your own business successfully and with as little hassle as possible.

See how Marek Wzorek came up with the idea to create the Academy.

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Begin a 3-stage coaching programme which offers high-quality subject-matter knowledge backed by the field-proven idea of combining competences in coaching, business, and leadership.

Business Coaching OPEN is the first stage in the development of a business coach. At this level, you’ll learn the basic tools and methods that we use at PerfectCircle®️ to deliver value to our clients: business development, smooth transition through change, identifying your ideal client, and finding
the best methods for sales and business development in education, coaching, mentoring, advising, and consulting.

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  1. Ninety-six hours’ worth of knowledge and practice: the theory and practice of leading group coaching sessions.
  2. You’ll get access to PerfectCircle’s proven proprietary tools — The Leaders’ Growth Pad™, The Leader's 3D Scan™, Affiliation Power™, ButterflyChange™ — and learn how to use them to deliver long-term growth to business leaders.
  3. ​You’ll find out about your Gallup Talents, along with a full CliftonStrengths 34 assessment report and instructions on how to use this tool when working with business leaders.
  4. You’ll join an active MasterMind group, whose members support each other in the areas of coaching, personal and business development, mentoring, leadership, sales, marketing, and social selling.
  5. You’ll learn how to establish yourself as an expert in the media and effectively build a personal brand on social media.
  6. ​You’ll get an individual coaching session.
  7. ​You’ll join dozens of members of the #PerfectCircleCommunity. You’ll be given the opportunity to join any future group for a free refresher.
  8. You’ll become a PerfectCircle®️ certified business coach and get the opportunity to join our teal organisation and team.
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After completing the Business Coaching OPEN programme, you have three options. You can act as an independent coach or business coach, but also join us as a team member or franchisee. Another option is to benefit from further education as a coach. On your further path of development, you can enrol for the ADVANCED and MASTER programmes. These provide you with more tools, knowledge, and competence in coaching and business development to help you grow in the areas of sales, marketing, building your personal brand, and being an effective entrepreneur and business coach. With us, you will develop further in leading coaching sessions, which help leaders grow, and learn more educational tools for the modern entrepreneur, leader, coach, trainer, and strategic advisor.

You’ll find out what energises you and learn to maintain your wellbeing. You’ll be given the proprietary tools used by Marek Wzorek, founder and CEO of PerfectCircle®️, and other members of our team, as well as top executive coaches in the US and around the world. Our participants carry out their first business coaching processes with clients already during the course and gain a four-fold return on their investment in the programme.