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Do you need support, professional advice, or business consulting? It’s great to have you here. At PerfectCircle®️, we are obsessed with developing people and organisations. To help you grow, we use our expertise, proven tools, and best practices, evidenced by our clients’ successes. How can we help you?
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Peter Drucker said, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”. We and hundreds of experts, practitioners, and management theorists agree. Survey and consciously shape the atmosphere in your company and your organisational culture. Don’t know how to go about it? We’ll help you! Together, we’ll examine the current organisational culture and then design the target structure and culture. Next, together with you and the entire organisation, we’ll conduct the transition process. This way, we’ll develop a lasting change of behaviours, habits, attitudes, and competences in teams.

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Structure and Culture

Are you fascinated by examples of decentralised, customer-oriented companies such as igus, Haier, Buurtzorg, Bees & Honey or V-TAC? Members of our PerfectCircle®️ team have helped consciously shape the customer- centric Solar Model and organisational culture in these companies. Create a customer-focused organisation with the help of a consultant and coach from PerfectCircle®️.

Survey your current organisational culture and structure for free and get a Q26 report

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Implementing Dynamic Self-Management

Allow your team to grow itself and self-manage. Grow with your team like a start-up and expand exponentially. Introduce full transparency of actions, decisions, and goals. We will work with you to transform a hierarchy into a dynamically self-managed organisation that will generate higher profits and employee satisfaction. Take management to the next level by bringing Dynamic Self-Governance™ to your organisation.

Learn the 7 key elements of Dynamic Self-Governance and find out how it helps organisations

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Implementing the Holaspirit and Talspirit Platforms

Switch to innovation in management and in the growth of your organisation. We’re the Polish partner of the Holaspirit platform, which will help you rediscover better, more effective ways of organising and collaborating. It will support your self-management practices, including managing teams and roles. You’ll be able to organise your projects, OKRs, checklists, and business metrics, and also hold meetings in real time. The platform also offers integration with your systems and solutions such as Asana, Jira, Trello, Slack, Salesforce.

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Implementing the OKR Method

Do changes for the better ever come smoothly? They can, so use the help of PerfectCircle®️ professionals. We’ll implement a method tested by and successful for millions of companies, including Intel, Google, and lots of start-ups!

We’ll show you ways to visualise goals and successes in an organisation for increased transparency and commitment. As a result, you’ll develop team collaboration and achieve success as a team, including higher revenues and profits. Achieve a minimum net return on investment of PLN 100,000.

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Strategic consulting

Is your business and marketing strategy a hit? If so, why do you keep facing problems? Tell us about the challenge you’re facing. Experienced entrepreneurs and mentors from our team will audit your company’s past actions. In the next step, you’ll get together to determine and work out strategic measures so that your path to success runs smoothly, yielding the highest ROI possible.

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Human capital is invaluable, but what if you are short of funds? Benefit from the professional knowledge of PerfectCircle®️ specialists and learn how to successfully obtain funding. Through consulting, you’ll gain competences that will allow you to secure a team of motivated professionals who will join you in developing your business.

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