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case study

How to put your life in order in 12 months and develop a career in a new area of life and business

An experienced director and entrepreneur from the postal services industry, Dariusz Barczak, was looking for support in choosing the right path and a business project to that he could devote himself wholeheartedly. He wanted to accelerate his development in cooperation with an experienced mentor and effective tools that would support his personal development and the … Continued

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How to go from 0 to 18 million in revenues in 3 years

V-TAC Poland, a supplier of innovative LED lighting solutions and a partner of Samsung Lightning, achieved 18 million in revenues and spectacular financial results in 2021. Everything in just 3 years from the start of business! However, in order to achieve success, Norbert Nowakowski – founder and CEO of V-TAC Poland had to deal with … Continued

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How do you get 4525% ROI and do what you love?

Grzegorz Marek, a graduate of the PerfectCircle®️ Business Coaching and Executive Coaching Academy, has always been passionate about personal development. As an experienced commercial director, he started training at some point, but it was not yet targeted. Everything changed when he came across Marek Wzorek’s webinar and made a spontaneous decision to become a certified … Continued

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How to build a teal organization in a year and create a committed, a self-managing team

Bees & Honey is an advertising agency with over a dozen years of history, working for global brands, which was looking for a way to define how it wants to act and what it wants to be. Maciek and Karolina Żybula, founders and CEO of the agency, worked for a long time on the vision … Continued

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Discover the 7 secrets of the most effective culture of the 21st century! Google Organizational Culture

If you have not had the opportunity to take part in the last #TurquoiseWebinar and the first in a series of webinars about the organizational cultures of the most innovative companies in the world, including the organizational cultures of turquoise organizations – be sure to read this article. Many companies in the twentieth and twenty-first … Continued

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