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Leaders have various directions of development and work. That’s why our range of services, which includes business coaching, leadership development, creating innovative organisational cultures and structures, was developed to meet specific client needs. We focus on five areas.
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Executive coaching is a coaching service aimed at company owners, CEOs, directors, and board members. Its purpose is to accelerate personal and professional development and to strengthen leadership competence. Our proprietary method The Leaders’ Growth Pad™, as well as assessment and analysis tools tested on thousands of companies in Poland, the US, and around the world, allow leaders to speed up their own and their organisations’ growth. The process of executive coaching helps increase a leader’s influence on their team, their entire organisation, their surroundings, and the world.

"Coaching is modern, practical knowledge, essential for the functioning of individuals, teams, and organisations."

Marek Wzorek

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Business coaching focuses on developing you and your organisation. Three types of entrepreneurs usually choose this service: those who are just starting out in business; those who want to take their business to the next level of development or accelerate change; and entrepreneurs whose business idea has run out of steam, and who will benefit from working with an experienced business coach or entrepreneur to be able to move ahead faster and more effectively. Business coaching is most often used by owners, managers, and leaders of small and medium-sized companies. The development process begins by analysing of the client’s and organisation’s needs, planning change, and then implementing the change together.

"Coaching to nowoczesna wiedza stosowana, niezbędna w działaniu jednostek, zespołów i organizacji."

Benedykt Peczko

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This type of coaching involves an external coach from PerfectCircle®️ supporting individual teams or even all the teams in a company. In team coaching, a whole team, including its leader, is the client, and the process is preceded by an assessment of the whole team, including the leader(s). Team coaching is also an ideal solution for discovering internal motivations within a team, resolving conflicts between co-workers and between shareholders, or conducting a smooth succession in a company. Together with a coach, the team permanently increases commitment to shared goals, improves relationships, communication, and efficiency.

"Team coaching is the perfect solution for teams that want to be more cohesive and achieve spectacular results faster."

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Teal Coaching

Could it be time for an audit of the atmosphere in the company and for change? The road to teal is wide open. Innovate your company’s organisational culture with the help of our experienced practitioners.

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It will support you in achieving your goals faster. It will help you find solutions and motivation, as well as contributing to making the best decisions. Find your PerfectCircle®️ coach today and achieve your top dreams.

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