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Sea you there, or see you not

When you get on a yacht, you must leave all your masks ashore. That’s how it is and how it works. The sea requires sincerity. She doesn’t tolerate posers. She is strict but a fair teacher. The sea shows you who you really are, these are not always easy lessons, but believe me that they are memorable ones. Instead, she rewards you with greater self-awareness and a stronger character for humbleness and perseverance. She makes a man out of a boy – people used to say.

There are many ways to sail, you can sail on a stormy and cold North Sea, across the Atlantic with waves that reach the sky, with a drink in paradise bay of the southern Adriatic, or admire the forest descending into the narrow lakes of the Great Masurian Trail. Sailing has many faces, but one thing remains the same. Every time you move on the edge of the wind and water, you’re dealing with an important element. Every time you are part of a crew, your safety and life depends on your decisions and the ability to perform your duties. Even on the calmest waters. Sailing teaches responsibility, trust and mindfulness, it is a sport in which negligence and mistakes can quickly backfire. This is a great way for you to face your limitations, convictions and your everyday weaknesses.

But it is also an experience by the most amazing sunsets at an endless horizon, fabulous green islands surrounded by the whiteness of the vertical cliff walls, completely silent cloudless nights, when countless stars pour over the sky. It’s something more elusive. Something that goes deep into your veins and leaving you with unforgettable memories. As the boat rocks gently, and the feeling that stays with you long after you have left the boat.

It is a great foundation for your own development, but feels like you are experiencing an adventure, and what if this process is to be catalyzed? If we used the knowledge of the human mind and behavior – the psyche to give it direction?

In this unique character “forge” you can very effectively create leaders, teach them their charisma, the authentic one – not the one learned in a forced schooling, but carved in salt water and where you can feel the wind on your cheeks. It’s a great way to teach communication in a clearly distributed team were clear messages determine the safety of the entire yacht. It’s the perfect way to build a team, to learn to trust, respect and cooperate at a high level. Spending a few days together in a limited space teaches humbleness, building and respecting personal borders, builds bonds and confrontation with conflicts that were hidden from plain sight. Hence the idea to combine sailing with coaching. Nature, elements, beautiful landscapes, adventure and professional support focused on targeted, purposeful development.

Autor: Grzegorz Zawiłowski

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