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Marcin Dębski

Leader of Teal Transformations in PerfectCircle. Co-founder and main architect of teal organizational culture at Travel Architects. Certified Career Mentor and Coach of John Maxwell Certified Team. An experienced servant leader and a long-time mindfulness practitioner.

Teal Activist in Poland (Teal Breakfasts) and abroad (Teal Around the World/Global Teal Meetups). Co-organizer of Teal Masterminds.

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He has 15+ years of work experience in a global corporation (FTSE 100 index) in multicultural, dispersed and diversified Teams. 12+ years of experience in running own businesses (mainly startups, including training&consulting branches). Polish champion (2005) and vice-champion of the world (2006) in the Global Management Challenge. In his career, he had the opportunity to play the role of a strategic consultant (including a project for WZF Polfa Warszawa), as well as a trainer. He created training programs and implemented the train-the-trainer methodology in the area of decision-making processes based on computer business simulations.

He led his teams in the spirit of servant leadership, primarily using coaching and mentoring techniques. He is naturally teal and intuitively introduced many elements of it in his teams before he even found out about teal. His biggest strength is building psychological safety and a culture of cooperation along with developing others.

He quickly builds trust, thanks to his high skills of mindful and empathic listening. This builds the bridge for others to open up more and look deeper into themselves, which leads to greater clarity and better self-understanding. Many years of mindfulness practice combined with business experience and analytical skills allow him to see more and pick up things that for others go unnoticed. In addition to that ability to ask accurate and proper questions helps his Clients to change and broaden their perspective in order to look at the bigger picture. This makes it easier to pop the bubble one lives in and discover completely new possibilities and solutions.

He uses many different tools (both those created in PerfectCircle and different ones) skillfully adapting them to the context and individual needs. If necessary, he uses various psychometric tests, e.g. CliftonStrengths34 from the Gallup Institute.